Thursday, September 4, 2008

Life on September 4th

I have a blog. How about that?
Well, let's say, I have a blog address.
grandmomkarla. Sweet. Let's hope I can remember it.
I just want to say hi and be part of the blogging world. I hope my blogs won't feel like blah-ging.

Did you see Sara Palin last night at the Republican Convention? She was terrific! I'm excited by her. I loved the moment when her youngest daughter was holding her baby brother and licked her fingers and smoothed her brothers hair with her saliva. It was so tender and genuine. That little girl loves her baby brother!

Mitt Romney looks great (shall we say HOT?!) as usual. OK, dad will never read this, I'm pretty sure. And he could say that Sara Palin looks hot and I'll be OK with it. Not mention he gave a great speech. I hope his time is coming-to be our president.

Ty's mom is planning a baby shower for her October 11th in SLC. Please plan to be there.

I am planning to play stake volleyball tonight and I'm excited to get some much needed excercise and meet some women.

Gotta get to work. Love you all.